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The Hosts of Gun Sports Radio

Lance Pelky

Lance Pelky is a Founding Board Member of the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC and an active member of the local shooting sports community. Like many others in the shooting sports, Lance has a passion to help others discover the fun of this multi-facetted and exciting sports scene.


Whether you are new to the sport, haven’t been involved in a long time, or are a long time participant, Lance’s job is to peak your interest and knowledge through his first hand participation, and experience the wide variety this sport has to offer everyone.

Dave Stall

Dave Stall is a well know local radio and television personality Dave is 30 plus - year car industry professional and shooting sports enthusiast.  

His goal is to educate the public about the wide variety of opportunities to participate in the local shooting sport scene.


Currently, he writes for the North County Times and the East County Californian, does a consumer and road test show on local television news as well as hosting 3 automotive related radio shows. Dave takes a straightforward and easy to understand approach, while sharing their listener's enthusiasm for the shooting sports.

Special Guest Hosts

Michael Schwartz

Truly a force in the local shooting sports rights scene, Michael is the Executive Director of San Diego County Gun Owners PAC, focusing on changing the face of gun ownership by getting volunteers involved in local level activism and outreach. Michael is passionate about Second Amendment rights, and a true leader in preserving gun rights through political action at the local levels. 

John Dillon

John is the lead associate attorney for Gatzke, Dillon & Ballance LLP's firearms law practice. Specializing in federal, state, and local firearms laws, John represents federally licensed firearms manufacturers and dealers, firearms instructors, and firearms owners to ensure legal compliance and to maintain Second Amendment rights in both civil and criminal litigation.

David Chong

David is an expert gun smith, firearms instructor and owner of AO Sword Firearms in El Cajon, CA. David is a former elected official who continues to fight for the rule of law and constitutional rights in San Diego and California. As an expert shooter, training and firearms builder, David brings an immense wealth knowledge and depth to the show that we are sure you will enjoy.